Case Studies

Our customers are sharing their stories to help elevate the technical conversations to business objectives and challenges. These are real-world use cases about the impact of migration to cloud and adopting a cloud native strategy had on their business.

Learn how customers around the world migrate to the public cloud, build a Kubernetes strategy and become cloud native.


Waydev helps companies worldwide implement an innovative data-driven method of tracking engineers’ output in order to achieve groundbreaking results. We build a Kubernetes strategy on Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud) to reduce the administrative burden from their dev team

Otter Distribution

With plans to scale its e-commerce business, Otter has embarked on a digital transformation journey in 2019. Now Otter runs its entire eCommerce services on AWS using Kubernetes, Docker and Istio.

Zonga Music

Zonga is the largest music streaming service in eastern Europe. In 2018 we helped Zonga migrate to Amazon Web Services, build a cloud native strategy and use Kubernetes to run their services.


MavenHut is an innovative gaming company. We provided CloudOps services, owning the entire infrastructure. Tools and Services: AWS, Kubernetes, Istio, GitLab, Terraform, Elasticsearch, Fluent, Prometheus, Grafana


We consult and provide support for large Kubernetes clusters across public clouds and on-premise datacenters. Tools and Services: AWS, Kubernetes, Istio, Argo, GitLab, Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins, Elasticsearch, Fluent, Prometheus, Grafana

Memento Hub

Memento Hub is the technology arm of Christian Tour, one of the largest tour operators in Europe. We provided CloudOps services, managing entire infrastructure and providing developer support. Tools and Services: AWS, Kubernetes, Istio, GitLab, Elasticsearch, Fluent, Prometheus, Grafana

Mr. Yum

Mr Yum is a web-based digital menu and table ordering solution used by over 300 of Australia’s best cafes, bars and restaurants! We built and maintained a large Kubernetes cluster running on AWS. Tools and Services: AWS, Kubernetes, Istio, GitLab, Terraform

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