• AWS SES (Simple Email Service)

The Company: BSNS Agency

BSNS Agency is a boutique digital marketing firm helping e-commerce clients design, build, implement, and scale successful marketing campaigns. With email marketing as one of its core services, BSNS Agency sends transactional and marketing emails on behalf of its customers.

The Challenge: Overcoming Limitations and High Costs with Multiple Email Providers

Initially, BSNS Agency relied on multiple email delivery providers like SendGrid and Sparkpost. However, as the business grew, managing and monitoring campaigns across these platforms became increasingly time-consuming and complex. The limitations and high costs associated with using these smaller email providers hindered their ability to scale their email business effectively. BSNS Agency needed a more scalable solution with excellent deliverability—all under one roof.

The Solution: AWS SES Migration with CloudHero

BSNS Agency turned to CloudHero, an AWS partner, for guidance on the best options for their unique situation. After conducting an audit, CloudHero recommended a custom architecture tailored to BSNS Agency’s infrastructure needs, with AWS Simple Email Service (SES) as the primary email service. Following the AWS Well-Architected Framework and leveraging Infrastructure as Code (using Terraform), CloudHero designed an AWS organization to help BSNS Agency scale its business seamlessly.

The Outcome: Increased Performance, Scalability, and Reduced Costs With AWS SES

By migrating to AWS SES, BSNS Agency not only increased its performance and scalability, but also significantly reduced its costs. They are now able to monitor and manage their campaigns more efficiently, with improved deliverability and send rates.

“At a crossroad for our company, CloudHero stepped in and created the structure we needed to develop the infrastructure. We are delighted with the improvements in the deliverability and the send rate per second.”

Unlock the Potential of Your Email Marketing Business with CloudHero, an AWS SES Partner

If you’re an email marketing agency owner looking to scale your business and overcome the limitations and high costs of smaller email providers, CloudHero can help.

As an AWS Advanced partner, we’ll guide you through migrating to AWS SES and leveraging AWS funding programs to reduce migration costs.

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