• AWS
  • Kubernetes
  • Elasticsearch
  • ScyllaDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Hetzner
  • GCP

Infrastructure Modernization Summary

This case study explores the successful Infrastructure Modernization with CloudHero for HomeTiger, a leading home & garden products marketplace. Utilizing CloudHero’s Cloud and Kubernetes expertise, HomeTiger overcame legacy application limitations, enhancing platform performance and security. The comprehensive infrastructure review and application modernization led to reduced downtime and costs. The changes implemented resulted in a scalable, resilient platform primed for future growth. This transformation showcases CloudHero’s ability to leverage AWS and Kubernetes to help e-commerce businesses unlock their full potential, overcome platform limitations, and achieve scalable growth.

The Company: HomeTiger

HomeTiger GmbH is a German technology company that builds some of the leading marketplaces for home & garden products under its key consumer brands, Moebel24 and HomeTiger. Its marketplaces list complete catalogs of leading industry manufacturers and retailers like IKEA, Otto Group, Home24, Roller, Baur, XXXL, Höffner,, and Wayfair, featuring over 4 million products in 1.300 categories from over 800 suppliers. By building the next generation of digital furniture showrooms, HomeTiger aspires to manage the world’s most extensive product catalog in the home & living category that allows furniture shoppers to easily find, research, and compare products from a large base of eCommerce retailers.

The Challenge: Overcoming Limitations of the Legacy Application

HomeTiger sought a comprehensive review of its current infrastructure and tools to ensure compliance with DevOps community best practices. The goal was to identify potential optimizations to enhance the platform’s performance, availability, and security and modernize their application deployment using containers and Kubernetes.

The Solution: Infrastructure Modernization with Containers and Kubernetes

To solve this problem, HomeTiger turned to CloudHero, for an infrastructure assessment. CloudHero’s analysis focused on multiple aspects of HomeTiger’s infrastructure, including Platform, Infrastructure Provisioning, Observability, CI/CD, Backup Strategy, and Security.
The HomeTiger platform was running on Hetzner and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), with a tech stack comprising various self-hosted and managed services.
To modernize HomeTiger’s application deployment, CloudHero recommended the adoption of Kubernetes, an industry-standard container orchestration platform that allows for better scalability, improved resource utilization, and easier deployment management. CloudHero suggested using Helm, a Kubernetes package manager, to simplify application deployment, updates, rollbacks, and versioning.
The recommendations for HomeTiger included various optimizations and changes to enhance the platform’s performance, security, and maintainability, such as:

  1. Refactor Terraform code for better modularity and maintainability
  2. Implement a network failure monitoring dashboard for data processing pipelines
  3. Enhance hardware monitoring across all servers
  4. Centralize logging and implement a consistent log format
  5. Implement a backup strategy for the existing infrastructure
  6. Use a secrets manager for centralized secrets management

The Outcome: Reduced Downtime, Increased Performance, and Reduced Costs

By implementing the proposed recommendations, HomeTiger experienced significant improvements in application performance, security, and maintainability. The modernization of the application deployment using containers and Kubernetes enabled HomeTiger to benefit from increased scalability, resilience, and reduced operational overhead.
In conclusion, HomeTiger’s infrastructure optimization and modernization efforts resulted in a more robust, secure, and efficient platform, better positioning them to maintain their competitive edge and meet future growth demands.

“CloudHero transformed our infrastructure, boosting performance, security, and cost efficiency. With their expertise, we reduced downtime, scaled seamlessly, and modernized solutions, unlocking the full potential of our lead generation and marketplace business.”
Guilherme Braga, CTO of HomeTiger

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