Bespoke DevOps Services

We help IT teams bootstrap the process of continuously delivering value to their customers.

We have hands-on expertise in implementing infrastructure-as-code, configuration management, deploy and manage multi-cloud Kubernetes clusters, operational processes, observability and monitoring. 

CloudHero ties this all together with a modern DevOps methodology that focuses on training your teams in the why. We truly offer a full-stack IT consulting service.



We deploy and manage pure upstream Kubernetes clusters tested across the widest range of clouds — from public clouds to private data centres, from bare metal to virtualized infrastructure. Learn more about our Kubernetes offering.

Service Mesh

Service Mesh has become increasingly popular as a solution for facilitating service-to-service communication in order to improve observability, increase security and provide advanced traffic management capabilities. We have build our expertise around Istio and we can help you implement Istio service mesh on top of Kubernetes.

Public Cloud Migration

Application teams are moving to the cloud to increase their agility, as a cloud-based model enables the provisioning of machines within hours or even minutes. Whether you consider a shift and lift strategy or plan to use Gartner’s “5 Rs” model, we have the expertise required for planning and executing a successful cloud migration.

DevOps Professional Services

Applications are complex. Besides cloud infrastructures and Kubernetes we know how to manage databases like MySQL or MongoDB, deploy and maintain messaging queue systems like Kafka or Amazon SQS and IOT, ML/AI related solutions. Read more about the technologies that we work on a daily basis.


Packaging your application using Docker containers provides standardisation across environments, reduces downtime and increases developer productivity. We can help you migrate legacy applications to Docker containers or help you build a container strategy from scratch.

CI/CD Pipeline Automation

Releasing new software requires developers and release managers to follow a set of predefined steps. Automating the release process will help you increase customer satisfaction by reducing human errors, enhance security and save time. Learn more about how we can help you automate your software release process

Cloud Automation

Provisioning new infrastructure or applying changes to the existing one can be confusing , time consuming and prone to human error when performed manually. We know how to automate mundane infrastructure tasks and even complex changes by implementing Infrastructure as code workflows using industry standard tools like Terraform.


Our unique “Wingman” philosophy is all about providing the training, materials, and support your teams need. They’ll be able to deliver more quickly and reliably and gain the skills they need to continuously improve. We provide on-site and remote Cloud-Native training programs tailored to fit your needs.

Case Studies

eCommerce Industry Case Study

Large European migrates to AWS Cloud and adopt Kubernetes to accelerate Digital Transformation and scale eCommerce business.

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Gaming Industry Case Study

Kubernetes and Amazon Web Services combo increases platform stability for MavenHut, an Irish gaming company.

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CloudHero is our infrastructure partner for more than 5 years. As our business grew, the team at CloudHero convinced us to migrate our entire workloads on AWS. They deployed our entire infrastructure using GitOps. On top of Amazon EC2 they deployed a Kubernetes cluster providing us agility and resilience. Thank you CloudHero!

Andrei Vaduva, CTO MavenHut

Most knowledgable consulting team I have worked with, they have an amazing set of expertise from the inner workings of AWS to the whole K8s stack!

Andrei Miulescu, CTO Mr Yum

Let’s build something great together.