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Unlock the full potential of your IT infrastructure with our free, 1-hour private review with our lead solution architect. We’ll address challenges related to architecture, stability, developer productivity, and scalability. Discover valuable insights on your current infrastructure and learn how to solve problems and improve performance.



Outdated systems and technology


Faulty networks and connectivity


Data acquisition, data storage and data management issues


Scalability limitations


Reduced control and visibility


Accessibility issues

Meet your therapist, Andrei Petrescu

Meet Andrei Petrescu, the CTO and Head of DevOps at CloudHero. He is a highly appraised and certified infrastructure architect with over 5 years of experience in over 100 projects. Andrei has worked with clients worldwide such as Vodafone, Veolia, Otter, Mr. Yum, Freshful by eMag, and Eturia, helping them to optimize and improve their IT infrastructure. With his expertise and experience, Andrei is ready to help you and your company overcome any IT challenges you may have.

Let CloudHero help you diagnose and improve your IT infrastructure with a free private consultation with our lead solution architect, Andrei Petrescu. We’ll address challenges related to architecture, stability, developer productivity and scalability to get your infrastructure running at its best.

What our customers are saying

“We had multiple struggles, the infrastructure was not scalable, and we didn’t have a proper software release workflow. Andrei Petrescu and the CloudHero team fast- tracked our journey to an Agile workflow.”

Adrian Ciobanu
Head of Development

“CloudHero transformed our infrastructure, boosting performance, security, and cost efficiency. With their expertise, we reduced downtime, scaled seamlessly, and modernized solutions, unlocking the full potential of our lead generation and marketplace business.”

Robert Ciumeti
Co Founder

“At a crossroad for our company, CloudHero stepped in and created the structure we needed to develop the infrastructure. We are delighted with the improvements in the deliverability and the send rate per second.”

Guilherme Braga

The 4 steps for a
successful Infrastructure
Therapy Session

Book a 1 hour Infrastructure Therapy Session with Andrei Petrescu

Book the date and time that best work for you, directly into Andrei’s Calendar. Simple, fast, accessible and free!


In order to get the best solutions to your challenges, we recommend you prepare the following:

  • A short description of your product / platform from a technical and a business point of view
  • A set of questions / issues you would like to address
  • An architectural diagram (if you have one)
  • Share screen availability (no login info necessary + NDA if required)


At your selected date and time, you will have your online private Infrastructure Therapy Session with Andrei Petrescu. Here is a list of the general talking points you can address:

  • Platform (Performance and Right-Sizing)
  • Infrastructure Provisioning
  • Observability
  • CI/CD
  • Cloud Costs (if on cloud)
  • Security

Meeting Summary + Recording (optional)

After the Infrastructure Therapy session is finished, Andrei will send a summary with all the topics you discussed, along with his customised recommendations. Per your request, he can also send a meeting recording, but please make sure you mention that at the beginning of the session.

Guaranteed benefits after
working with CloudHero

Enhanced performance

Secured platform

Faster Development

Increased productivity

Flexibility and agility

Better client experience

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