Internal DevOps Team, Freelancer, or DevOps as a Service?

Posted on August 26, 2023


Navigating the challenges of growth and scalability, startups come to a pivotal realization about the necessity of robust, flexible infrastructure. Central to this mission is adopting the DevOps methodology. The moment startups realize the importance of scalable infrastructure, especially as they achieve product-market fit in response to escalating market demand, marks the crucial time to hire DevOps professionals. Confronted with this crucial decision point, they face a dilemma: Should they hire in-house, bring in freelancers, or collaborate with a certified DevOps professional service provider?

This choice significantly affects operational efficiency and sets the trajectory for future innovation and growth.

Hiring Internally 

When building a DevOps team, one option is to hire internally. This method aligns with creating a team embedded within the company’s culture and goals. It offers the advantage of direct communication and long-term investment but has unique challenges. This section explores the various pros and cons of an in-house DevOps hiring strategy.



Freelance Hiring from Platforms like Upwork

The ever-growing gig economy allows startups to hire freelancers for their DevOps needs. Platforms like Upwork connect companies with skilled freelancers who bring flexibility and cost-effective solutions. However, this approach comes with potential barriers and risks. In this section, we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of freelance hiring through online platforms.



Partnering with a DevOps Professional Services Company (DevOps as a Service)

Partnering with a DevOps Professional Services company might be the right path for startups looking to scale quickly and tap into a collective experience. With access to dedicated engineers, immediate readiness, and a culture rooted in DevOps, this approach has many merits. But like any other option, it has its challenges, too. This section explores the benefits and potential hurdles of collaborating with a professional DevOps service provider.




While each hiring option has its merits and challenges. Startups must consider challenges like cost scalability and knowledge retention. This comprehensive approach to hiring will ensure that startups are equipped with the best possible team to drive their growth and innovation in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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