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Getting Started with External Secrets Operator on Kubernetes using AWS Secrets Manager

Introduction Kubernetes has a built-in feature for secrets management called a Secret. The Secret object is convenient to use but does not support storing or retrieving secret data from external secret management systems such as AWS Secrets Manager. It’s often beneficial to use Kubernetes with an external secrets service that handles secret management. Due to this limitation, GoDaddy cameContinue reading “Getting Started with External Secrets Operator on Kubernetes using AWS Secrets Manager”

CloudHero’s Cloud Excellence Rewarded by Being Named AWS Advanced Consulting Partner by Amazon Web Services

CloudHero, a next-gen technology consulting and services company headquartered in Bucharest, is delighted to be recognised as an Advanced Consulting Partner in the Amazon Web Service Partner Network. CloudHero has a decade of experience in managing mission-critical applications, and this recognition serves as a testimony to their capabilities in Cloud & DevOps, Kubernetes and otherContinue reading “CloudHero’s Cloud Excellence Rewarded by Being Named AWS Advanced Consulting Partner by Amazon Web Services”

Kubernetes: Evenly Distribution of Pods Across Cluster Nodes

Managing Pods distribution across a cluster is hard. Pod affinity and anti-affinity feature of Kubernetes allows some control of Pod placement. However, these features only resolve part of Pods distribution use cases. There is a common need to distribute the Pods evenly across the cluster for high availability and efficient cluster resource utilization. As such, PodTopologySpread schedulingContinue reading “Kubernetes: Evenly Distribution of Pods Across Cluster Nodes”

AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate — SAA (C02) — Cheatsheet 

AWS Certified Solutions Architect is among the most valuable and highly sought-after cloud computing certifications in the world today. Earning AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Associate validates the ability to design and implement distributed systems on AWS. Introduction In your pursuit to pass this prestigious associate-level AWS certificate, we prepared this cheat sheet to help fellowContinue reading “AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate — SAA (C02) — Cheatsheet “

Join us at AWS Webinars in Romanian, 28 October 2021

We will be part of AWS Webinars in Romanian, on 28 October 2021, highlighting our strong expertise in Modern Application Development. In this session, you will learn how we migrated a PHP application from bare-bones VMs to a managed and auto-scalable setup on Amazon EKS. Andrei Petrescu, our CTO, will go through the legacy setup,Continue reading “Join us at AWS Webinars in Romanian, 28 October 2021”

CloudHero Becomes AWS Select Consulting Partner and Expands Cloud Expertise

Bucharest, July 7, 2021—CloudHero, a DevOps consulting company becomes an AWS Select Consulting Partner thus providing certified services, expert solutions and ability to guide companies on their journey towards digital transformation through AWS. According to a report published in 2020, 63% of small and medium size businesses aim at increasing the use of public cloudContinue reading “CloudHero Becomes AWS Select Consulting Partner and Expands Cloud Expertise”

remote workshop for teams

Cloud-Native Workshops for Early Stage Startups

A short while ago, we accepted the invitation to host a hands-on infrastructure workshop for Innovation Labs. This is an innovation program dedicated to emerging Romanian entrepreneurs that wish to turn their startup ideas into MVPs.

Istio SSL Offloading

How to Make Istio SSL Offloading Work with Nginx

In many corporate system infrastructures, it’s very important for the information to be encrypted end-to-end, to be protected from potential vulnerabilities. We’ve learned from our experience that creating a fully secure setup is essential. The main part of the diagram that we will focus on today will be the traffic going from the Nginx proxy to Istio’s HTTPS port. Keep in mind that, even if it’s not compulsory to have a full HTTPS connection between Nginx and Istio, there are applications that won’t work if you don’t use SSL offloading in front (Keycloak, for example).

Simple Development Environment

Simple Development Environment with Vagrant and MicroK8S

The key to success in any application development lifecycle is to have as little discrepancies as possible between environments. Luckily, Kubernetes and Docker give you the necessary tools to achieve environment uniformization. Nonetheless, it was always challenging to create development environments that would work on any operating system, be it Linux, Windows, or MacOS. This short article will guide you through all the necessary steps to create your own development environment with Vagrant and MicroK8S on your laptop or PC.


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