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Automate Elasticsearch Index Creation

Looking to increase developer productivity and observability at Otter, we noticed that when using one Elasticsearch index for each application, search becomes faster, the queries become easier, and the logs can be parsed using custom regex patterns, and we have full control over the cleanup policy when using Elasticsearch Curator.  Whenever a new application wasContinue reading “Automate Elasticsearch Index Creation”

How to Implement Kubernetes Autoscaling Using Prometheus

At CloudHero, we value infrastructure automation above all. Automation is the key to delivering value to customers as it allows teams to focus on what matters most for the business. Important automation events, such as Kubernetes autoscaling, should be triggered correctly, otherwise they might generate unwanted infrastructure costs. In this blogpost we will go throughContinue reading “How to Implement Kubernetes Autoscaling Using Prometheus”

Top Five Tips and Tricks to Manage Your Elasticsearch Cluster

Elasticsearch is the engine of choice for many companies looking for a distributed, RESTful search and analytics solution. At CloudHero, we deploy Elasticsearch on Kubernetes and use it quite a lot for storing and analyzing data. Using our hands on experience, we have compiled a cheat sheet containing the top five most helpful commands thatContinue reading “Top Five Tips and Tricks to Manage Your Elasticsearch Cluster”

Why is Docker’s container approach so important?

Docker is one of the fastest growing technologies of recent history, gaining an unparalleled momentum in the IT world and converting many practitioners to its side. It’s container technology allows users to have ever more running apps on the same servers, while at the same time increasing the ease with which they can package andContinue reading “Why is Docker’s container approach so important?”

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