HashiCorp’s Licensing Changes: A Wake-Up Call for Companies

Posted on August 15, 2023

With HashiCorp transitioning from MPL 2.0 to BSL v1.1, it’s high time companies re-evaluate the legal implications of using products like Terraform or Vault. This shift underscores the importance of understanding the licenses behind the tools we rely on.

The CloudNative Foundation is poised to benefit immensely from such industry shifts. Its role as a guardian for open source projects is becoming increasingly crucial. We need trusted entities to ensure the longevity and openness of the tools that power our tech ecosystems.

It’s essential to remember: not all open-source projects are created equal. Trust in companies publishing source code under an open-source license should be approached with caution. Without the backing of a reputable organization, any open-source project can take unexpected turns.

Imagine if Docker had gone to BSL in 2015. The ripple effects would have been monumental.

Constantly scrutinize, always be prepared, and always prioritize trustworthiness in your tech stack choices.

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