Free Security Assessment for your Cloud Infrastructure

Get a private security assessment for your AWS cloud infrastructure with our lead DevSecOps Engineer! Discover the security posture of your AWS cloud platform, including, but not limited to RDS, EBS, EC2, S3, Lambda, IAM, and Security Groups.

Free of charge | Perfectly secure | Ready in 2 hours | No commitment requirements

What do you get?

Implementing Infrastructure as code workflows

Security Analysis of infrastructure

Comprehensive analysis of internal and external components of your AWS infrastructure

Moving to the cloud to increase their agility

Actionable recommendations

Specific, detailed recommendations to improve your cloud security and help prevent breaches

CI/CD Pipeline Automation

Implementation Support and Guidance

Support for implementing recommendations from our certified security experts

How it works?

  • 1. You book an initial meeting with our DevSecOps Engineer

    It will be a 10 minutes meeting. Book the date and time that best work for you, directly into our DevSecOps Engineer’s Calendar. Simple, fast, accessible, and free! Book now!

  • 2. We get acquainted during a 10-minute initial call

    At your selected date and time, we will have the 10 minutes call to get to know each other. If you want to make the most of your free security assessment, we recommend you prepare:

    • A short description of your AWS infrastructure
    • Access to a Read-Only Account (if you don’t know how to set up one, we will guide you during the first call)
  • 3. We do the Security Audit & prepare the Cloud Security Report

    Our team of Certified AWS Security Experts will conduct a professional security assessment. They will prepare a comprehensive Cloud Security Report highlighting compliance with AWS best practices. As soon as the report is ready, we will set up a second call with you to deliver our findings.

  • 4. We present our findings during the Assessment Delivery Meeting

    During a 30 minutes meeting, our DevSecOps Engineers will present the Cloud Security Report that includes:

    • A comprehensive analysis of internal and external components of your AWS infrastructure
    • Actionable recommendations to improve your cloud security and help prevent breaches
  • 5. You get the Cloud Security Report, no commitment requirements

    After the Assessment Delivery Meeting, you will receive the full Cloud Security Report, with no costs and no commitment requirements.

what you need to know about a security assessment at cloudhero ?

  • Non-invasive – Services will not be affected by this assessment
  • Read-only Access – No services can be provisioned during this assessment
  • Free of extra costs – No additional infrastructure costs will be generated by this assessment
  • Confidential – We are NDA Compliant
  • No commitment requirements – This assessment is completely free and doesn’t compel the client to make any further commitments

Why choose CloudHero?

AWS Experts

We are an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, holding a total of 23 AWS Certifications.

Clients worldwide

We help 30+ companies worldwide strategize, develop, deploy and manage their cloud infrastructure.

Ready in 2 hours

After an initial call and Read-Only access to your AWS account, we can provide a security report in 2 hours.

FREE EBOOK: 7 Steps to Secure Your AWS Account in just 30 minutes

This year only, two companies using AWS reached out to us for help because they have been hacked, and their damage was over 30.000$. This is why we created a free ebook with 7 actionable steps that will secure an AWS account in just 30 minutes. And we mean that! Download this free ebook and you’ll get:

  • 7 steps to secure your AWS account in just 30 minutes
  • Free open-source tool to confirm you implemented the 7 steps correctly
  • Additional AWS Native Tools you can use to self audit
  • 2 client horror stories on their security attacks & how we fixed it
  • Advanced Security Recommendations to “bulletproof” your AWS Account like a PRO