CloudHero Becomes Google Cloud Partner Advantage to Enable Cloud Adoption & Cloud Native Data Platforms

Posted on July 9, 2021

Cloud Partner Advantage Program

CloudHero announces today the beginning of a new journey: becoming part of the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program. This is a new milestone in the long-term commitment of the CloudHero team to provide excellence of service. Starting today, CloudHero will equip customers with the ability to deliver and scale high-quality services by relying on the Google Cloud Platform to enable their digital transformation strategy.

The impact of joining the program

As a Google Cloud partner, CloudHero offers customers Google Cloud & Google Cloud Platform-related services. CloudHero leads companies in Telco, eCommerce, Gaming, SaaS, and e-Learning in the process of adopting these services by providing:

Thoughts for the future

“Our long-term advocacy for a Cloud-first vision of the digital transformation of our customers has reached a new phase in the history of CloudHero. Firstly, becoming a Google Cloud Partner is solid proof of our commitment to encourage the adoption of Google Cloud among our customers. Secondly, this is a promise for the future. By doing this, we have certified our capabilities and will continue to invest in our areas of specialization in order to serve our customers at the highest level of performance.”, says Andrei Manea, CloudHero founder & CEO.

Companies can learn more about the competencies and industries that benefit most from Cloud-Native Data Platforms, as well as read the case studies of companies that partnered with CloudHero in their journey towards Cloud adoption by visiting Also, additional specializations such as migration to Kubernetes and adopting a cloud-native data strategy using Google BigQuery and Cloud Data Fusion are also part of the CloudHero services offering.

Lastly, to learn more about the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program, please visit the official website.

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