CloudHero Becomes AWS Select Consulting Partner and Expands Cloud Expertise

Posted on July 12, 2021

AWS Select Consulting Partner

Bucharest, July 7, 2021—CloudHero, a DevOps consulting company becomes an AWS Select Consulting Partner thus providing certified services, expert solutions and ability to guide companies on their journey towards digital transformation through AWS.

According to a report published in 2020, 63% of small and medium size businesses aim at increasing the use of public cloud services in the context of Covid, as a solution to increase business resilience and productivity. High technical complexity of DevOps, following strict security compliance principles and cost reduction and the inherent need to innovate represent just a few of the major challenges these SMBs have to confront in their Cloud adoption journey.

Our team’s joint efforts to become certified AWS Select Consulting Partners equipped us with in-depth knowledge of the solutions, tools, methodologies and best practices in the AWS ecosystem. Our experts can now guide companies on their transition to AWS providing the most efficient and cost-effective approach with zero downtime and business disruption. The architecture, migration and development of new solutions based on AWS while incorporating our customers’ requirements all the way through a product’s life cycle is not only possible, but ensured.

CloudHero works closely with AWS to implement end to end services while following the AWS standards in quality and security: Public Cloud Migration, Cloud Automation, Kubernetes Adoption, Containerization, Service Mesh, CI/CD, DevOps Professional Services.

“We have been strong advocates of Cloud solutions since years ago, encouraging our clients to consider the benefits and opportunities brought by world leading services such as AWS. Earning the AWS Select Consulting Partner status further consolidates the foundation of our technical expertise; we now have a structured approach to any business that aims for resilience, productivity and cost reduction through the use of AWS services without any risks, in a timely manner.”, says Andrei Manea, CloudHero CEO and founder.

WayDev CEO, Alex Circei, one of the CloudHero client companies describes their Cloud migration experience with AWS: “We planned to move the app at 12 PM on a Saturday, and one hour earlier the application was down. We met with the CloudHero team, […] and in half an hour we managed to move it and have everything up again, in a new environment. And this was the A-HA! moment.”

About CloudHero
CloudHero is an industry leader with 10+ years of experience in providing DevOps consultancy and Cloud Native Data services based on cutting-edge platforms and solutions. Vodafone, Veolia, Otter, Waydev, Mr. Yum and other companies from all around the world deliver better software solutions, scale faster and reduce technical debt by using Cloud technologies backed by a team of experienced professionals. For more information about CloudHero and its activity, please visit

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