Cloud-Native Workshops for Early Stage Startups

Posted on August 6, 2020

A short while ago, we accepted the invitation to host a hands-on infrastructure workshop for Innovation Labs. This is an innovation program dedicated to emerging Romanian entrepreneurs that wish to turn their startup ideas into MVPs.


We hosted the workshop session on Zoom, accommodating 20 participants from all across the country. Most of the teams are currently working on adapting or building the infrastructure of their platforms and apps. Thus it was the ideal occasion to study closely the benefits and challenges of a Cloud Native infrastructure.

Docker Essentials

Our 4-hour session debuted with a talk on Docker Essentials, aimed at helping the participants to get started with building their own Docker containers right away. Showcasing services, from creation to scaling and rolling updates was next on the list.

Next, if you want to know more about these topics, check out my presentation:

[slideshare id=237581712&doc=dockeressentials-innovationlabsjuly2020-200805150244]

Introduction to Kubernetes

Andrei Petrescu

After providing them with an introduction to orchestration as a concept, our CTO Andrei Petrescu showcased a more detailed overview using Kubernetes. During the presentation, Andrei has presented the Kubernetes architecture and how to communicate with the API. The workshop concluded with a hands-on demo on Application Building Blocks.

And, if you want to dive into each section of the presentation, feel free to browse Andrei’s slides below:

[slideshare id=237582299&doc=kubernetesworkshop-200805152214]

A Thought Before You Go

It’s never too early to start thinking about infrastructure. We’re happy to see that the teams have this concern in mind even when their products are only in MVP stage. It shows long-term, strategic thinking, as well as a healthy curiosity for technologies that can empower their technical and business pursuits. Scaling and reducing costs is not only possible but recommended from day one. We, the CloudHero team, are excited at the thought of sharing our knowledge with motivated, visionary people, and possibly, the founders of tomorrow’s unicorns. Keep on doing a great job!

Last but not least, if you want to learn more about Cloud Native technologies, check our tutorials here.

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