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Want to work for the best organizations with the brightest minds? Check out the exciting career opportunities at CloudHero below. If you’re curious and driven by innovation and outside-the-box problem-solving, we’re interested in having you join us. Send us your resume and we’ll have you interviewing in no time.


The ideal candidate will be responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing projects within the decided-upon budget, timeline, and scope. They will also effectively monitor and present project updates to relevant stakeholders, clients, or project team members.

What You’ll Be Doing:
  • Coordinate internal resources and third parties/vendors for the flawless execution of multiple projects.
  • Ensure that all projects are delivered on time, within scope, and within budget.
  • Assist in the definition of project scope and objectives, involving all relevant internal stakeholders and ensuring technical feasibility.
  • Ensure resource availability and allocation.
  • Develop a detailed project plan to monitor and track progress.
  • Manage changes to the project scope, project schedule, and project costs using appropriate verification techniques.
  • Manage the relationship with the client and relevant stakeholders.
  • Perform risk management to minimize potential risks.
  • Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation.
  • Meet with clients to take detailed ordering briefs and clarify specific requirements of each project.
  • Meet budgetary objectives and make adjustments to project constraints based on financial analysis.
What We’ll Expect From You:
  • Proven working experience in project management.
  • Leading the tasks assigned through all the stages.
  • Identifying risks and developing mitigation strategies.
  • Basic technical skills in multiple areas (system administration, networking, virtualization, web servers, databases, middleware, security, etc).
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills to interact daily with both clients and technical contributors.
  • Able to work in parallel on multiple projects and follow up various items on different statuses
  • Proactively identify problems, anticipate obstacles and push things forward to deliver the expected level of service to our clients.
  • Good level of English to communicate with external clients from various business areas.
What’s In For You:

You will have access to training and education, a career plan that allows you to evolve, and the opportunity to participate in complex projects that help companies worldwide deliver sky-high results with cloud-native infrastructure. Also, we are a remote-only company way before it was cool, so you can work from wherever you want to.


We are looking for a multi-disciplined marketer with a track record of generating leads and customer growth through one-to-many campaigns and sales touch. You are well-versed in marketing technology, emphasizing campaigns, lead generation, and marketing operations.

Reporting to the CEO, you will manage multi-channel lead generation campaigns and identify opportunities within our expansive customer base to increase product adoption.

You will work with various teams, including Sales, Demand Generation, Channel Partners, External Agencies, to craft and execute growth campaigns.

What You’ll Be Doing:

Multi-channel campaign management:
Build and execute multi-channel lead generation campaigns, spreading awareness of CloudHero to our target audiences.

Building and executing customer campaigns:
Manage campaigns that target CloudHero’s current customers and our partner’s customers. These campaigns include email, social media, newsletters, workshops, and partner channels.

Surfacing opportunities to Sales:
Partner with our Sales team to identify and generate leads that convert to high-value opportunities from our existing customer base and net-new sources.

Maintaining healthy lead flow:
Ensure leads pass from our marketing automation platform to our CRM seamlessly.

Analyzing results to inform recommendations:
Create reporting frameworks to measure customer campaigns and lead generation success.
Close loop with stakeholders on performance.
Offer ideas for program improvements.

Working cross-functionally:
Work with Sales and Customer Success teams to execute campaigns and messages that enable our customers to succeed.

What We’ll Expect From You:
  • Experience building growth campaigns: Hands-on experience building campaigns in marketing automation platforms (preferably HubSpot) and other channel-specific tools.
  • Experience with lead generation and pipeline management: Understanding how to measure lead quality and the metrics that fuel pipeline and closed-won opportunities.
  • Experience building and maintaining a lead scoring program.

Project management:

  • Strong attention to detail and ability to understand and plan against cross-dependencies to drive projects forward; experience with Trello a plus.

Collaborative expertise:

  • A proven track record of working cross-functionally to implement operational changes and execute multi-channel campaigns.
  • Strong writing: Ability to write effective copy that is compelling to technical audiences.
  • Domain experience: Experience marketing cloud services to businesses; familiarity with DevOps is a plus.
What’s In For You:

We are a remote-only company way before it was fantastic. Ask our colleagues, and they will say that it is in our culture to trust and empower the team to manage their day as they see fit. Besides a competitive salary package, access to training and education, and a career plan that allows you to evolve, we will make sure your journey will be fun and exciting.


We are looking for a passionate Junior DevOps Engineer to join our team and embrace the endless opportunities that the world of technology can bring. You will develop new skills linked to IT operations and software development, gaining a clear understanding and hands-on experience with all the necessary processes that lead to an always-on IT infrastructure.
Start helping top companies deliver high-quality software and scale faster using containers, Kubernetes and cloud computing.

What You’ll Be Doing:
  • Provide support of multiple environments including development, staging and production;
  • Troubleshoot production infrastructures to manage issues;
  • Test and deploy new tools and features;
  • Take part in documenting and updating processes and procedures for ongoing infrastructure improvements;
  • Collaborate with the project team to resolve system, application and customer issues.
What We’ll Expect From You:
  • Knowledge of Linux commands and internals;
  • Knowledge of networking fundamentals;
  • Experience in working with GitHub;
  • Experience with scripting languages: Bash, Python, Go.
It Would Be Great If You Have Basic Knowledge Of:
  • Docker usage;
  • Kubernetes implementation.
What’s In For You:

You will have access to training and education, a career plan that allows you to evolve and the opportunity to take part in complex projects that help companies worldwide deliver sky-high results with cloud-native infrastructure. Also, we are a remote only company way before it was cool, so you can work from wherever you want to.


The ideal candidate will drive CloudHero’s Lead Gen strategy by researching targets, identifying decision-makers – wherever they may be – unearthing key challenges, sharing powerful insights, setting-up appointments.

What You’ll Be Doing:
  • Building a high performing lead generation process.
  • Help our company acquire new customers by researching targets, identifying decision-makers.
  • Partnering closely with the marketing team to build lead generation programs and sales enablement material to help win deals.
  • Guide the sales org through annual and quarterly planning processes.
  • Own outbound sales programs across all channels including, but not limited to email, partnerships, and social media.
What We’ll Expect From You:
  • You know b2b lead generation inside-out; 3+ years of experience in high tech companies
  • You know the power of effective LinkedIn lead generation and how to build connections;
  • You are not afraid to pick up the phone, reach out, find the right decision-makers and qualify prospects;
  • You know what a real sales appointment is – not just a ‘meet and greet’ set up to hit your appointment targets;
  • You’re a confident communicator who can build rapport over the phone;
  • You’re driven. You love to achieve. Kicking goals is your jam;
  • You know that ‘ad-lib is for amateurs’ – you love a consistent sales process;
  • You’re optimistic and resilient – but nobody’s fool;
  • Meeting the customer’s needs is important – but you’ll stand your ground when appropriate;
  • You’re self-motivated and self-managing;
  • You make decisions based on facts and objective measures.
What’s in for you:

You’ll be the first in our sales team. It’s an opportunity to create, build and operate a sales organization that provides a source of predictable, repeatable and scalable revenue. Besides that, we’re a remote only company, we provide a competitive salary package, access to training and education, and a career plan that allows you to evolve.


The ideal candidate will drive CloudHero’s marketing strategy by clearly communicating the value, optimizing our funnel, supporting the roadmap of new services and product releases.

What You’ll Be Doing:
  • Building a high performing marketing operation across demand generation, product marketing and communications.
  • Help our company move up market by creating inbound sales & marketing driven funnel.
  • Integrating marketing and product to better understand our customer needs, communicate to the buyers effectively, and develop a strategy to identify where the market is heading.
  • Partnering closely with the sales team to build top of the funnel awareness, lead generation programs and sales enablement material to help win deals.
  • Owning revenue targets for Marketing specifically that tie back to people, programs, campaigns, initiatives and overall budget.
  • Guide the marketing org through annual and quarterly planning processes.
  • Own inbound and engagement marketing programs across all channels including, but not limited to events, email, content marketing, partnerships, SEO/SEM, and social media.
  • Guide and unify the creative direction of the brand and overall messaging for the company.
What We’ll Expect From You:
  • 3+ years of experience in progressive marketing roles within a high-tech or SaaS company.
  • Experience with market and customer segmentation, positioning, and integrated go-to market strategies.
  • Strong understanding of inbound marketing strategies and tactics to grow our developer community and business customer cohort.
  • Data driven leader with proven experience in funnel optimization, marketing operations, developing, measuring and improving SaaS metrics/KPIs, and prioritizing efforts to drive maximum returns.
  • Well versed in marketing automation tools (HubSpot, Intercom, etc).
  • Exceptionally strong verbal and written communication skills.
What’s in for you:

We are a remote only company way before it was cool. Besides a competitive salary package, access to training and education, and a career plan that allows you to evolve, you can work from wherever you want to.


Job description:

As a Senior DevOps Engineer, you will architect the systems, and servers to keep our customers’ infrastructures running smoothly. You’ll build automation and systems management tools that make it easier to scale their rapidly growing businesses and deliver cloud infrastructure all around the world. You should have a passion for systems, storage, network, and software engineering and you will work closely with the client’s development teams throughout the entirety of the project.

What You’ll Be Doing:

  • Design and develop new systems with an emphasis on minimized maintenance requirements, as well as maintain and enhance existing systems
  • Systems analysis design and debugging of new systems
  • Work with outstanding teams to improve tools, processes, and the software they support
  • Managing development, testing, and production servers and container infrastructure
  • Do ad-hoc service capacity planning and maintenance
  • Managing capacity, designing systems architecture and performing technology refreshes
  • Participate in production readiness reviews and provide feedback to engineering teams on best practices
  • Automate error-prone tasks to drive safety and determinism throughout complex distributed systems
  • Debug mission-critical problems in production
  • Provide architecture and scaling guidance where necessary for all engineering teams

What We’ll Expect From You:

  • 4+ years experience with Linux, including 1+ years working in large-scale environments
  • Experience in designing, deploying, and supporting on-premise and cloud-based hosting environments running high-volume web-based applications and servers
  • Proven in-depth knowledge of Linux internals
  • An understanding and knowledge of virtualization (such as libvirt, KVM, QEMU, namespaces, and containers)
  • Experience with Container schedulers like Kubernetes and Docker Swarm
  • Experience scripting in LINUX for automation, monitoring, backup, and configuration management (Salt, Ansible)
  • Experience with monitoring and logging stacks (Grafana/Prometheus and ELK)
  • Strong English skills, both in writing and speaking
  • Strong communication skills and a customer-first attitude

What’s in for you:

  • We are a remote-only company way before it was cool so, besides a competitive salary package, you can work from wherever you want to.

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