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Posted on October 18, 2023

Event Details

Date: November 7, 2023, at 5 PM EET / 4 PM CET
Location: Online (Webinar). Register here

Event Overview

Ready to catapult your startup to the next level? Join CloudHero in an exclusive webinar tailored for startup founders. We’re removing the curtain on the wealth of programs and benefits AWS offers to startups.

Discover access to AWS promotional credits, complimentary professional services, and more.

Here’s your chance to access a rich ecosystem of tools, resources, and expertise and receive up to $100,000 in AWS Activate credits.


Introduction to AWS Funding Programs [30 minutes]

Kickstart your journey to growth by understanding the range of AWS funding programs available for your startup. This session will lay the groundwork for the following detailed discussions, providing a broad overview of the support and resources AWS offers to startups:

AWS Activate

  • Delve into the specifics of AWS Activate, a program designed to accelerate your startup’s growth. We’ll discuss the rich ecosystem of tools, resources, and expert support you can tap into as a program member. Also, learn about the opportunity to receive up to $100,000 in AWS Activate credits and how to use these to cover your AWS service usage.

Startup Migrate Program (SMP)

  • Explore how the SMP can facilitate the transition of your workloads to AWS. We’ll explain how you can benefit from AWS promotional credits and complimentary professional services from CloudHero to ensure a seamless and cost-effective migration.

Jumpstart Program

  • Discover how the Jumpstart Program can address your startup’s strategic service adoption needs. We’ll discuss how this program can provide you with hands-on technical resources and offset up to 50% of the cost of professional services offered by CloudHero.

Case Study [10 minutes]

Listen to the story of a YC Alumni Startup, which has been collaborating with CloudHero and AWS to enable hypergrowth. Gain insights from their experience, learn about their challenges, and see how they leveraged AWS funding programs and CloudHero’s services to overcome these challenges and scale.

Q&A [5 minutes]

This interactive Q&A session allows you to engage directly with our experts and get answers to your specific questions. Whether it’s about AWS Activate, SMP, Jumpstart Program, or any other aspect of AWS funding programs, we’re here to provide personalized advice and strategies.

Who should attend?

This event is a must-attend if you’re a startup founder (CEO, CTO) and eager to fuel your growth while learning more about AWS funding options.

Why attend?

Get insider tips on maximizing AWS funding opportunities and scaling your startup. Hear success stories from other startups and have your questions answered by our experts.

Take advantage of this chance to turbocharge your startup’s journey with AWS and CloudHero.

See what people are saying.

“The dynamic landscape of cloud computing is often challenging to navigate. This is where a trusted partner makes a world of difference. For us at Otter, CloudHero emerged as that partner. Their expert team consistently impresses us with endless curiosity and best-in-class service. They are not merely a service provider but a partner in our journey towards operational excellence in cloud computing.”

“Our encounter with CloudHero was transformative. Realizing the root of our issues lay in our previous cloud provider, we decided to migrate to AWS. CloudHero made this transition seamless and, astonishingly, completed the entire migration in less than two hours. Their expertise in cloud solutions was clear and gave us confidence in our decision to move forward.”

“With CloudHero, we took a significant leap in our cloud journey. We desired the code for the infrastructure, not the handmade infrastructure itself. This was uncharted territory for us, but with CloudHero’s DevOps at our side, we decided to embrace Terraform. It was a pivotal decision, but with the support and guidance of CloudHero, it became a smooth transition and a massive leap towards efficient cloud operations.”

Iulian Aldea, IT Manager, Otter
Alex Circei, CEO, Waydev
Alex Bumbacea, Software Engineer, Freshful by eMag

Why CloudHero?

CloudHero, the fastest-growing AWS Advanced Partner in Europeis your trusted partner for top-tier DevOps professional services. No matter your organization type – a promising start-up or an established Enterprise, our curious and best-in-class team of certified experts is committed to optimizing your cloud infrastructure for maximum efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness, regardless of its current location – be it AWS, on-premise, or other cloud providers.

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