Adopting Kubernetes Helps European Retailer Become Agile and Scale eCommerce

Posted on May 6, 2020

As online shopping is becoming an increasingly popular and complex practice, it’s only natural that the technology stacks behind eCommerce platforms follow suit. During this discussion panel, our guests will showcase their experience in leading Otter towards sustainable digital transformation—a place where technology comes into play to accommodate exponential business growth. Otter is one of the largest footwear retailers in Europe; its digital transformation is one of most prominent client projects in the recent history of CloudHero. Here, our guest speakers will provide insights from the Kubernetes migration journey that has enabled developer productivity, deployment speed, resilience and security. About Otter Otter is a leading European shoe retailer business founded in 1997, with over 70 multibrand stores across Romania alone. About CloudHero CloudHero is a digital transformation company that helps Enterprise businesses to deliver better software, and scale faster through Containers, Kubernetes and Cloud Computing technologies.

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