Why is Docker’s container approach so important?

Docker is one of the fastest growing technologies of recent history, gaining an unparalleled momentum in the IT world and converting many practitioners to its side. It’s container technology allows users to have ever more running apps on the same servers, while at the same time increasing the ease with which they can package and ship programs. However, Docker is not the only container software on the market. There are countless other similar technologies. So what is it that makes it so incredibly popular?

The reason why Docker has so far managed to gather so much attention from practitioners in the industry is that it provides a single platform. This platform is able to assemble and manage not only the applications, but also their dependencies. As such, they can be placed in a container and managed with increased effectiveness on a Linux server. As a result, Docker allows the application to run on-premises, on a private cloud, which, in turn is in the public cloud. The results are increased flexibility and portability, benefits that are not offered by other container applications.

Another factor that endears Docker to users is the fact that it has been included by major cloud providers on their platforms. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure have all integrated Docker, alongside cloud infrastructure tools such as Cloud Foundry Diego, OpenStack Nova, OpenSVC etc.

Container technologies and Docker in particular provide new and alluring opportunities offered for software developers and data center operators. All in all, they allow you to run more applications on the same hardware than any other technologies, they increase the ease in managing and deploying applications and they create ready-to-run containered applications. It comes as no surprise that given all these benefits, Docker is enjoying such popularity.


There’s a whole lot more to Docker than has been given in this article, but this should be enough to give you an overview about it’s major benefits. Like most open source projects, Docker is built from a fast-developing codebase, so make a habit of visiting the project’s blog page for the latest information.

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