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Create users for Kubernetes Clusters

Creating Users for your Kubernetes Cluster

When it comes to giving people from your organization access to your Kubernetes cluster, things can get a little tricky. Kubernetes does not have an authentication mechanism by default. By doing this, you get stuck with an admin certificate you must share with the developers. In consequence, this gives them access to all the resources in the cluster, which can create holes in your security policy.

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elasticsearch index creation automation

How to Automate Elasticsearch Index Creation

Looking to increase developer productivity and observability at Otter, we noticed that when using one Elasticsearch index for each application, search becomes faster, the queries become easier, and the logs can be parsed using custom regex patterns, and we have full control over the cleanup policy when using Elasticsearch Curator.

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Otter Distribution

Get ready to explore with us the journey of Otter, one of the largest European retailers towards achieving digital transformation with Kubernetes. Challenge With plans to scale…

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