FREE EBOOK: 7 Steps to Secure Your AWS Account in just 30 minutes

This year only, two companies using AWS reached out to us for help because they have been hacked, and their damage was over 30.000$. This is why we created a free ebook with 7 actionable steps that will secure an AWS account in just 30 minutes. And we mean that! Download this free ebook and you’ll get:

  • 7 steps to secure your AWS account in just 30 minutes
  • Free open-source tool to confirm you implemented the 7 steps correctly
  • Additional AWS Native Tools you can use to self audit
  • 2 client horror stories on their security attacks & how we fixed it
  • Advanced Security Recommendations to “bulletproof” your AWS Account like a PRO

Book a FREE Security Audit!

If you’re not ready to do your own Security Audit or you just don’t have the time for it, we’re happy to help. This is why we are offering a FREE AWS Cloud security assessment for companies of all sizes and sectors.

Our team of Certified AWS Security Experts will conduct a security assessment based on AWS best practices and will quickly identify any potential risk areas in a customer’s deployed environment.

They will analyze the security posture of the cloud platform, including, but not limited to RDS, EBS, EC2, S3, Lambda, IAM, and Security Groups.